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Tips for Buying Quality Beef

Meat is a great source of protein. Most families get their beef from slaughter houses as well as from the butchery. Ideally beef is the most commonest for most families. While many slaughter houses supply quality beef pieces, most families fail to get the best benefits because they do not purchase the best pieces. You need to know what to check when you are purchasing your next beef cuts. When you know what to look for, you not only get the most benefits from your cuts but chances are that you will also cut on the cost. These are great tips to help you purchase high quality beef.

First understand the recipes you want to try with your beef. Different recipes call for different beef types and parts of the animal. If for example the recipe calls for slow cooking to produce tender and flavourful dishes, then you need to go for tough beet whose meat fibres are visible. This will be the best not only for six a recipe but also for one who wants that deep meaty flavor. On the other hand, quick cooking recipes call for soft cuts that will get tender in a few minutes. There are also recipes that call for fatty parts while others call for lean beef steak. All these are various beef qualities that can be great for one recipe and a disaster for another. So make a point of choosing your beef cuts based on the recipe. Most recipes will also advise on the best beef to use.

Second check the physical qualities of the beef you are going to purchase. The are qualities that you can see with your eyes whether you are a meat expert or not. Here you will look at the color and the beef texture. In most cases the color of the beef will tell you how long it has been on the shelves and how close it is to getting spoilt. Very fresh beef bright red in color and not may people love this beef for immediate cooking. However if you are purchasing beef for your restaurant, chances are that you will buy a whole cow and the chunks will take you through the entire week. There will be no problem if you purchased freshly slaughtered meat. However those who need meat to prepare within the day will have to look for dark red color which means the beef has been on the shelves for a day and it is suitable for immediate cooking.

Finally check the experience and customer care of your beef supplier. Dies the supply keep his own cows or he has someone sell the cows to him? Is he keen on customer needs and how well does he handle customer complaints? You want to buy your beef to a supplier who keeps his own cows. This way you will have all your questions answered about such things the cow’s nutrition as well as the health of his cows. Such a supplier will also supply quality beef on wholesale and you can even purchase a whole cow. This will help in saving a few dollars. If it is possible you can visit the ranches where the cows are kept to see if you like the environment as well as the pasture they feed the cow on. Your beef supplier will also be willing to clarify a few things on beef delivery services and available discounts.

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